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All About Thermogenics and Working Out

A great majority of gym enthutisiast the United States participate in fitness activities as a way to diminish body fat and tone muscle. In addition to cardio exercise and strength training, there is a wide array of nutritional supplements available to help these athletes in achieving their goals. While there is a great variety of over the counter fat loss supplements such as Nitric-Oxide, Hydroxycut and Xenadrine, the most popular of these supplements by far is the category of fat-burning thermogenics. While there is a variety of thermogenic supplements available, and the most popular of these fat-burners is the classic ECA stack. ECA refers to the ephedra-caffeine-aspirin stack.

Ephedra and Psuedo-ephedrine
Ephedra, extracted from the plant Ma Huang, is a (CNS)central nervous system stimulant. It promotes tachycardia, and increased heart rate, and a rise in blood pressure, among a variety of other physiological effects that result in a rise in body temperature. This happens as the body works increasingly to keep up with the elevated workload created by a higher volume of blood moving through the circulatory system. This increased workload causes more calories to burn than if the body were at rest.

Since the ban on all ephedra-based products by the Food and Drug Administration, ephedra has been substituted with the less intense and effective synthetic psuedoephedrine. While it is approximately a quarter as effective as the original, pseudoephedrine still provides a dramatic thermogenic effect.

Often called the most popular drug in the world, caffeine is similar to ephedra in that its a central nervous system stimulant. It promotes some of the same physiological effects on the body. With normal doses effects can be noted within 15 minutes of consumption.
Is not a thermogenic substance in itself, aspirin, or acetylated salicyclic acid, is a critical element in the ECA stack. By its ability to thin the blood within the circulatory system aspirin enhances heat resistance in the body. This allows the working effect of the ephedra and caffeine to last longer, providing a better impact effect.
The stacking of psuedo-ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin provide a synergistic effect for the consumption of stored body fat that is much greater than the effect provided by any of theses ingredients alone.


Effect of Exercise or Your Self Esteem

Exercise has great fitness and health benefits. Frequent exercise sessions have been shown to lower your risk of disease and improve you quality of life. These frequent activities become easier to perform because you tend to get stronger and develop endurance. Your body weight is positively affected as well as your body fat percentage. However, studies have shown that your mental health is also impacted by regular exercise. People that exercise often have higher levels of selt-esteem and a better body image than their less active counterparts, according to the Online Journal of Sports Psychology.

Self-esteem refers to how well you approve and like yourself. Positive feelings of well being are often associated with a much more positive outlook and less anxiety or depression. Your body’s image can be directly related to self-esteem in that it can be positive or negative. This refers to how you interpret your own body’s view and the feelings that arise from it. Appearance and body weight are important to your self-esteem and body image. If you feel uncomfortable with how you look you way very well have a low self-esteem. Exercise can change how your body looks and the way you fell about it. Cardio exercises tend to burn calories and lower your body fat as well as total body weight just like weight training exercises can increase muscle mass as well as tone.

If you are new to the exercise scene I advise you to start slowly but maintain diligence as this is key into reaching a positive outlook on your appearance and self-esteem.


Exercise Rush

Until recent years exercise was known for enhancing physical condition and combating disease. It wasn’t until recently that exercise has been noticed for cultivating mental health. Recent studies show a link between the release of endorphins and exercise. This stimulation of endorphins is also called “Runners High”. Although you may have not recognized its cause most of us have felt it. Whether its during a jog in the park or a high intensity workout we’ve all reached that point where the feeling of discomfort fades away and is replaced with a euphoric state. These are the effects of endorphins being released in the brain. 
Endorphins are a chemicals produced in the brain which bind to neuro-receptors to relieve pain and enhance the immune system. These endorphins are mainly released by exercise among other things. Everyone releases different amount of this chemical and some persons release enough to be able to come out of a depressive state. But the best thing about this is that you don’t have to do much to release these chemicals and enjoy this wonderful state of mind.


Today’s Sedentary Lifestyle Part#1

I’m adamant about changing the sedentary behavior in which kids live their life with all the videos games iPads smartphones and all. Kids today want to live their lives through an avatar rather than doing something with any type of physical activity. I don’t want to sound archaic but children don’t seem to have any interest in doing any type of exercise now a days This inactivity has led to an appalling increase in overweight and even obese kids. Childhood obesity has been linked directly to a spike in diabetes both type 1 & 2, in  fact research shows an increase of up to 17% in the past decade. Another research shows a link  between childhood obesity and cancer such as leukemia. That is why icons such as the first lady Michelle Obama have taken such an interest in stopping this plague and instilling behavior and eating modifications in today’s youth.  I don’t know about you but I spent my youth riding a bicycle or in the park participating in some sort of sporting event and not with a joystick or gadget stuck to my thumbs. This is a subject that you will read a lot about in my blog as I am on a path to teach kids as well as parents to incorporate time to exercise and reject the stagnant way of life most of us live in todays world. I urge you to take some time to be creative and implement some fun activities to do with your family.