Circuit Training and Fat Loss

Circuit training is a concept in which a series of different weight training exercises are intervaled with very little rest periods. This style of training is an extremely effective addition to a fat loss program. Traditional fat loss methods such as cardiovascular exercise rely solely on your body’s aerobic system to burn fat. Circuit training utilizes your anaerobic energy systems to elevate your body’s metabolism and burn even more fat.

Mechanism for Fat Loss:
For example, an intense activity like lifting a heavy dumbell relies on your body’s anaerobic metabolism for energy. This energy system uses the carbs your body stores in your muscle tissue for fuel. The fuel supply is quite limited; that’s why you can’t continue lifting a heavy weight for more than a few repetitions. In the August, 2010 issue of the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research,” a study conducted by Rodrigo Lavinas Da Silva, et al, determined that a brief rest period will replenish some fuel, but total replenishment can take up to 38 hours.

You don’t burn fat by merely training with weights. However, you will use your body’s fat storage in the 36 hours it takes to replenish your muscles’ carb fuel. This metabolic process is known as (EPOC) which is short for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption.


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