Today’s Sedentary Lifestyle Part#1

I’m adamant about changing the sedentary behavior in which kids live their life with all the videos games iPads smartphones and all. Kids today want to live their lives through an avatar rather than doing something with any type of physical activity. I don’t want to sound archaic but children don’t seem to have any interest in doing any type of exercise now a days This inactivity has led to an appalling increase in overweight and even obese kids. Childhood obesity has been linked directly to a spike in diabetes both type 1 & 2, in  fact research shows an increase of up to 17% in the past decade. Another research shows a link  between childhood obesity and cancer such as leukemia. That is why icons such as the first lady Michelle Obama have taken such an interest in stopping this plague and instilling behavior and eating modifications in today’s youth.  I don’t know about you but I spent my youth riding a bicycle or in the park participating in some sort of sporting event and not with a joystick or gadget stuck to my thumbs. This is a subject that you will read a lot about in my blog as I am on a path to teach kids as well as parents to incorporate time to exercise and reject the stagnant way of life most of us live in todays world. I urge you to take some time to be creative and implement some fun activities to do with your family.


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