We can help you in all facets of Nutrition, with an emphasis on:

  • Body fat, composition and tracking
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Meal planning


We bring a unique depth and understanding to our clientele because we are certified sports nutrition consultants with the ISMA (International Sports Medicine Association) as well as our role as master personal trainers. With an honest, straightforward philosophy we are committed to helping our clients lose, gain or maintain weight; enrich their fitness goal and change poor behavior patterns with diet and exercise.

Our philosophy is that every individual is unique. While there are some universal similarities for nutrition, one plan is not perfect for all people. We will educate you, design a plan for you and you exclusively, and provide support and feedback throughout. The meal plans we create are filling and full of nutrients. We believe eating small, portioned meals throughout the day is the key to a fast metabolism and continued weight loss.


These meals are varied depending on your age, weight, gender, goals, the amount of time you have to cook and even your likes and dislikes.

We have even integrated a blog into our website where we will post current articles and links related to general health and nutrition. With this feature we will help you stay up-to-date in this ever-evolving field.

Your primary goal may be to shed pounds. As we coach you to do that you will very likely improve your mood, energy level, digestion, health, stamina and libido. Once a plan has been establish for you, we will be able to ensure that you do not feel hunger, that your cravings are diminish and that you are getting the nutrients you need.